Sometimes it's personal.

An article by Angela Speed

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The people who need less sleep are the ones those who need a lot of sleep take advantage of. What happens is the one who doesn't sleep much ends up getting up early all the time and never gets the luxury of sleeping in because the sleeper just keeps on sleeping, blissfully unaware that the other person is slowly resenting them for their unthoughtfulness.

I am sleepless. I CAN get up early after staying up late. I function famously well without much sleep. But doesn't it feel good to sleep in?? Please tell me, you sleep-less-ers? Because I don't know.

I'm the one getting up in the middle of the night to let the dog out, or back in, getting up with the babies for overnight feedings (when they were babies), or putting the toddler back in bed for the 7th time because she doesn't like sleeping in her own bed and Taking the kids to school before the crack of dawn (poor kids).

Like right now, it is Saturday at 8:00am. not too bad of a sleep-in...for me. Everyone else is in the house sleeping still, but the dog couldn't hold it any longer, so I took her.

Heck I just couldn't go back to sleep and it made me mad! I don't have medical reasons for not sleeping well, Just kids and pets and a sleepy spouse. Am I sleep-deprived? does not getting enough sleep make you mad?

Don't get me wrong, if I ask my hubby to get up, he'll get up, but the point is that I have to ask and that means I am already awake and then I can't go back to sleep. Can't I keep on sleeping sometimes and be able to depend on someone else for a change?

Anyone else in my shoes (bed)?