Zales Seasonal & Promotion Design

Tis the season...promotional calendar and holiday designs.

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Promotional Design

Image form the 2021 Holiday Photoshoot in NYC.

Zales Holiday Promotions

The Zales holiday campaign is a comprehensive marketing strategy that covers a range of events and channels, including Early Black Friday, Black Friday Sale and Specials, Cyber Monday, and Christmas promotions. The campaign leverages multiple channels, including web, social, and email marketing, to engage with customers and drive sales. Through strategic messaging, personalized offers, and captivating visuals, Zales aims to create an emotional connection with its audience and inspire them to make a meaningful purchase. The campaign effectively showcases the brand's product offerings and reinforces its commitment to quality and value. Overall, the Zales holiday campaign demonstrates a deep understanding of customer behavior and leverages a range of tactics to deliver a compelling and cohesive message across all channels.

Promotional Design

Quiz creation and implementation utilizing Quizr

images from on-site photoshoots (for use in 2021 holiday campaigns)