Disney Enchanted Fine Jewelry Collection

Designs Inspired By Disney's Live-Action Movie Aladdin

Disney Fine Jewelry

Bringing the concept to life

My Role - Senior Web Designer

Aladdin Project Duration Start to Launch: 4 Months

Responsibilities Included:

  • First Ideas and Concepting

  • Customer Journey Maps

  • Creative Strategy Email/ Web/ Social

  • Responsive Web Design Desktop/ Mobile

  • Email Design

  • Social Media Plan

  • Social media Design

Disney Fine Jewelry

Refreshing based on existing content

Problem Statement

The Aladdin launch had to work within Zales' existing website's constraints to maximize the jewelry shopper's user experience, including 360 campaign messages through all marketing elements. With Princess icons like Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White + Villains like Ursula and Cruella already having made appearances on Zales.com, this new collection would need its own look and feel with a design that would flow across all marketing omnichannel seamless customer experience.

Disney Fine Jewelry

One of many In-Store Signage Adcepts, "As Seen In Disney's Aladdin," being the most important message.

Creative Process and End Result

How do you launch an in-store event with an online launch with a cohesive message? Easy. Do it BIG and make it exclusive. Many USA retailers carried the Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry collection, but Zales had an exclusive collection all to itself. This allowed us to advertise as such. We were able to use "As seen in Disney's Alladin" This separated Zales / Peoples in Canada from any other retailer, including Amazon.com, JTV.com, JCPenney, Reeds and Helzberg. Despite this project's secrecy due to the movie replica jewelry featured, this project launched with great success in all parts of marketing. The live-action movie hit theaters almost exactly a month later.

Disney Fine Jewelry

Email with embedded video

Email integration

Zales Exclusive Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry Designs inspired By Disney's Live-Action Aladdin. This film collaboration between Walt Disney Studios and Signet Jewelers brought the Aladdin Cave of Wonders' magic and artistry to a real-life jewelry collection while telling the love story of Aladdin and Jasmine. This jewelry collection was an essential addition to the existing Zales Disney collection with many elegant designs, already inspired by Disney Princess classics.

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