Gillette Subscription Test

Mock TLE user experience, with Co-op promo offer from brand partnership.

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Gillette Fusion 5 Razor
Visit this test experience that finalized January 2023, while it is still live.
Funnel with Options
  • Social Meta (Creative Needed)

    • Facebook Version 1

    • Instagram Version 1

    • Facebook Version 2

    • Instagram Version 2

    • Facebook Version 3

    • Instagram Version 3

  • Landing page

    • UX creative

    • Register new Domain:

    • landing page & form UI

    • CMS

    • CMS Bigcommerce

      • Create Promo code on Sister Site with, expiry dates (TBD)

  • 7 LP Variations (with Add to Cart)

    • Mock TLE with several subscription Model options

  • Opt-in/survey form, PLUS % 0ff Coupon promo code option

    • email address

    • Survey Options - How Often do you... (Select One)

      • at least 1 time a week

      • every 2-3 weeks

      • every 4-5 weeks

      • every 6-7 weeks

      • every 8 weeks, or longer

  • Thank you message (after form Submission) 

    • Include promo code

    • Inform: that an email will also be sent with the Promo code

    • Add a shop now URL sister site?

  • Email followup (new email flow with Promo Code, to schedule the welcome series in several days, rather than back to back)

    • CRM Retention Science

    • New email flow for test so user doesn't get back to back emails

    • UNIQUE promo code 

  • Welcome eMail Series (Commence after ~ 7 days)

Customer Journey

We created a customer journey map to build a better understanding of how customers find and interact with the service and to discover opportunities for improvement. The map revealed many user problems and opportunities at the consideration and loyalty stages of the customer journey. Therefore, we paid special attention to these stages during the design process.

  • What did you want to find out with customer journey mapping?

  • What stages in the journey did you examine?

  • What were the main touchpoints at each step?

  • What did you suggest to resolve these pain points?

  • What new features or design changes came from mapping the customer journey?

Gillette Fusion5 Subscription User Journey

Proctor & Gamble | Gillette Fusion 5 - The Art of Shaving Coop test User Journey

Proctor & Gamble | Gillette Fusion 5 - The Art of Shaving Coop test UX Design

Multivariate Testing

Screenshot of Mobile mock TLE

Fusion 5 Sprint 1

Launch Date: January 11th
End Date: January 17th

Concept to be tested/ LOFA (leap of faith assumption):
There is a market for a monthly subscription service for Fusion 5 blade refills at a set price.

Customers would be willing to pay for blades to be delivered to their home in various increments, per month, per year, with a ceiling of unlimited refills on demand, all for a set price .

Testing assumptions:

  • A clear winner will emerge through testing a landing page add to cart click totals.

  • This will tell us that:

    • There is interest in this product

    • One version is clearly more interesting that the other.

Testing Design:

We will drive people do an Unbounce page that shows A/B/C/D/E (5 way split, 20% each) variations of the LOFA’s pricing model.

We will measure user interest by how often a user to the site clicks an add to cart button, which will serve as a proxy for intent to buy

Clicks to add to cart will direct the user to a sign-up page that will explain that the product is not available yet, but will offer a gift code in exchange for their first party date (email & SMS)

  • The winner of this test will be indicated by the total number by the following KPI:

    • Add to Carts

    • Conversion Rate

    • Signups for future emails.

  • We will use 3 variations of our creative in Meta

    • Image of Hardware

    • Image of Blades

    • Images of blade shaving a person’s neck

  • We will get a gauge on which creative is most engaging based on the following KPI:

    • CTR

    • Impressions

    • Reach

    • CPC

    • LPV (results)

  • We will run this campagin in TOAS (The Art of Shaving) meta account

    • The testing will be concluded when we have reached a total site traffic of 750 minimum per variant page.