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UX Website Messaging App
This is case study highlights the chat bot UI designed and implemented on all Signet Jewelers webstores, in response to store closings during Covid-19 shutdowns in 2020. Covid-Shmovid, Contact Us >
Luxury Design
Designing for the luxury market requires  attention to detail, high-quality aesthetics, and a unique narrative that resonates with the luxe consumer. It's about crafting an exclusive experience that embodies refinement, elegance, and sophistication to establish a strong brand identity and cultivate a loyal customer base. Explore the Vera Wang LOVE Collection >
Brand Management
Identifying and communicating a brand's key values and attributes to target audiences through guidelines, campaigns, and feedback. It establishes a strong brand identity, recognition, and loyalty, differentiating businesses from the competition and positioning them as industry leaders.  View Airia Case Study >
Website Design
Design that  allows websites to adapt to different devices and screen sizes, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience. It uses flexible layouts, images, and CSS to optimize websites for desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, providing a seamless user experience. Procter & Gamble's R&D Division. Read More >
UX Patterns
This case study builds an article hub and shows the structure in action on the Zales website. Integrations to Add Value >
My Creative Style
This is a collection of creative I have designed over the years will give you a feel for my design and art direction style. Take a Look >
The Email Journey
Email marketing connects you with your audience to boost your brand presence and increase ROI. Combining great design and coded utilizing UTM Parameters, promotional and  customer journey email paths, and performing A/B Testing will optimize campaigns to resonate and build your audience. UTM parameters track traffic sources to your website, while A/B testing determines which email elements generate the best response. By leveraging these strategies, businesses can create effective email campaigns that drive engagement,  increase conversions, and build a loyal customer base. Email Case Study >
SaaS Integrations
SaaS integrations are an essential component of modern business operations. By connecting various software applications, businesses can streamline their workflow, reduce manual data entry, and improve productivity. From customer relationship management to project management and accounting, there are countless SaaS solutions available to businesses of all sizes. By integrating these solutions, businesses can create a unified system that can automate tasks, reduce errors, and provide valuable insights. With SaaS integrations, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and optimize their operations to achieve success. Zales Shop the Look >
Marilyn Monroe Fine Jewelry Collection
From concept to consumer likes. Explore the Making of this Collection >
Disney Enchanted Fine Jewelry Collection
Designs Inspired By Disney's Live-Action Movie Aladdin. Read More About the Collection >
Content Style Guidelines
Project development and content population style guide. View Site UI >
Looking for Art Direction?
My Teams create beautiful, omni-channel user experiences. #unicorn